Another Copy Once CableCARD Player Dips Toe In

Microsoft WMC is dead, done, dusted. But that doesn’t mean that HTPC DVR users have to give up on CableCARD, SiliconDust is trying to build a solution, and now JRiver has started a Kickstarter campaign to see if there’s demand for a second Copy Once capable solution.

It’s day 27 of 30, and they’re looking for $100K (which sounds about right) in funding. If you’re looking for a modern solution from an agile company with a proven track record of delivering constant improvement in HTPC software this could be $20 well spent.

Can JRiver Media Center Replace Windows Media Center?


JRiver Media Center has long competed successfully with Windows Media Center, but without having the ability to play and record the Copy Once material provided by many cable companies.

Windows Media Center has not been improved in several years, and will not be available for Windows 10. With your help, JRiver would like to fill this gap by adding TVPlus to an already great product.


  • I’m in for the $70 pledge.  I

    I’m in for the $70 pledge.  I don’t have JRiver at the moment, but from what I’ve seen so far with the HDHR DVR software I figure it’s got to be better.  I am not at all impressed with the HDHR DVR UI so far.  The guide data is an absolute mess.