CES 2018 – SilconDust

Even when they don’t have a lot to show off, it’s always nice to stop by and visit with SilconDust. Fortunately that wasn’t the case this CES, with several new and interesting things on offer.



  1. We will finally be seeing that six stream Digital Cable Tuner (DCT). It will retail for $199 and should arrive mid-year.
  2. The CONNECT lineup has been redesigned with modern hardware in, and out, also adding a quad-tuner to the standard CONNECT lineup. The updated silicon should net some impressive power saving gains as well, with the new quad-tuner requiring about what the old dual-tuner did. The refresh impacts both the US and EU markets.
  3. SilconDust has added a “Duo+” model to the CONNECT family as well. The “+” indicates that it includes a 250GB hard disc drive (HDD) in case, and has the recording software installed, making it a complete DVR solution with zero-effort. This will make it a lot easier, and approachable (no NAS requirement), for casual buyers to cut the cord or at least move closer to that goal. Unfortunately the Duo+ was not at the show, so no pictures are available in the gallery. Like the other tuners, users can view live TV without a subscription cost. To enable DVR capability a $30/year-per-household fee is applicable. This will enable as many tuners as the network can support :).
  4. SilconDust has also partnered with Western Digital to make it incredibly easy to use their entry level My Cloud NAS products. With the tuners able to auto-discover and provision the recording engine automatically.
  5. We can also look forward to a redesign of the DVR application’s user interface (UI). With big gains in usability the main target.
  6. Unfortunately, “protected” cable content is currently limited to Microsoft Windows 10 and Xbox platforms. SilconDust is working to re-enable it on Android, as well as other platforms.