Another Copy Once CableCARD Player Dips Toe In

Microsoft WMC is dead, done, dusted. But that doesn’t mean that HTPC DVR users have to give up on CableCARD, SiliconDust is trying to build a solution, and now JRiver has started a Kickstarter campaign to see if there’s demand for a second Copy Once capable solution. It’s day 27 of 30, and they’re looking for $100K (which sounds about […]

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JRiver Hires Hendrik Leppkes aka nevcairiel


In what has to be the most bizarre press release ever JRiver announced yesterday that it had hired Hendrik Leppkes, or as he is better known on the Interwebs “nevcairiel”, the author of the best DirectShow filter suite – LAV Filters. For those, like me, who have found JRiver Media Center (JMC) to be the best way to consume media […]

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JRiver Media Center Begins Media Center 17 Beta


JRiver Media Center quietly turned their audiophile PC music player into a full featured media playback application over the last few releases.  In the last revision they added Red October (a feature that tames DirectShow codec selection) as well as bringing madVR support to a SAF friendly 10′ UI (Theater View).  The latest rev (dubbed B17) brings better TV support […]

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