JRiver Hires Hendrik Leppkes aka nevcairiel


In what has to be the most bizarre press release ever JRiver announced yesterday that it had hired Hendrik Leppkes, or as he is better known on the Interwebs “nevcairiel”, the author of the best DirectShow filter suite – LAV Filters. For those, like me, who have found JRiver Media Center (JMC) to be the best way to consume media on a HTPC this is great news. Everyone else shouldn’t feel the need to worry however, Hendrik has confirmed that LAV will continue on as it was.

Minneapolis —  In undercover work, The Onion has learned that tiny Minneapolis software shop, JRiver, has hired Hendrik Leppkes to head its Australian Chicken Department in Hamburg, Germany.

Leppkes will bring ISO 9000 standards to what some have called a very messy operation.  Chickens will be at their desks at 8:00AM each day, looking interested, eating without breaks, and laying eggs at intervals set by Leppkes.  These “chooks” will call it a day when Leppkes says it’s time, and will have weekends off and 32 religious holidays each year.

For half an hour each day, Leppkes will use his considerable programming talent to produce a new feature or bug fix for JRiver Media Center.

Asked how he felt about his new found freedom with a proprietary software house, Hendrik replied expansively, “It wasn’t what I expected.  It’s OK.”

Matt Ashland, JRiver’s President and CTO, hailed the move as in important milestone.  “We honestly had no place to put the chickens.  We were delighted to find Hendrik so keen on the new work.”



  • Chickens…ok, that was

    Chickens…ok, that was bizarre. LAV filters are awesome so this looks like a good move.