Ceton Abandons Android for Echo Extender

This is not the type of news that we were hoping for at the end of the week. The Ceton Echo Media Center Extender had high hopes of being the end all, be all extender for HTPC users. Not to say it’s not a capable Extender, but any hopes of having the unlimited flexibility of running Android on it have […]

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Ceton infiniTV6 PCIe Pops At Retail


If after reading our review of the Ceton infiniTV 6 Ethernet, you thought “awesome now to wait for the PCIe version” the wait is over. Not only has the product page showed on Ceton’s site it’s also available from Amazon and Newegg. Having spent some quality time with its sibling, I can attest to the beauty of removing tuner scarcity […]

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HDBaseT 2.0 Specification Released


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I find HDBaseT an incredibly interesting technology. What’s not to love about simplified distribution of audio, video, Ethernet and control over a single cable? OK, there is one thing – price. HDBaseT is expensive, so it only ends up in the high-end components. Fortunately this is something that they are aware of and […]

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ASUS WL-330N 5-in-1 Wireless-N150 Mobile Router


The myriad of network permutations encountered when traveling with multiple devices is so diverse that covering them all seems impossible. Wired only access, web based authentication or per-device access charges? The ASUS WL-330N 5-in-1 Wireless-N150 Mobile Router has it covered, offering five discrete operating modes: NAT firewall router, access point, repeater, Ethernet adapter or [the almost magical] hotspot. Naturally, packing […]

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AnyDVD HD Defeats Cinavia


Remember Cinavia? It was the audio based DRM “protection” scheme supposed to finally put an end to the Blu-ray plastic liberation movement. I don’t have any discs to test it with, but SlySoft is claiming that the latest rev of AnyDVD HD can disable detection in all of the retail Blu-ray players. If someone has a recomended disc to check […]

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Major Nelson Unboxes XBox One

The XBox One is coming out soon, and it costs a whopping $500. How many of you are jumping at the chance of replacing your old 360? There’s a lot of new features to be had, most of which require a Gold subscription. Here’s an unboxing video by Major Nelson of Microsoft. 

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Slingbox 500 Hands On

I wasn’t sure what would happen to Slingbox after the acquisition, but it’s nice to see them continue to innovate and evolve the product. With so many streaming solutions out there, you might not think you need this…until you travel internationally and suddenly can’t watch any of them! Part of the Slingbox’s quality user experience is its adaptive automatic video […]

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