ASUS WL-330N 5-in-1 Wireless-N150 Mobile Router


The myriad of network permutations encountered when traveling with multiple devices is so diverse that covering them all seems impossible. Wired only access, web based authentication or per-device access charges? The ASUS WL-330N 5-in-1 Wireless-N150 Mobile Router has it covered, offering five discrete operating modes: NAT firewall router, access point, repeater, Ethernet adapter or [the almost magical] hotspot. Naturally, packing […]

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AnyDVD HD Defeats Cinavia


Remember Cinavia? It was the audio based DRM “protection” scheme supposed to finally put an end to the Blu-ray plastic liberation movement. I don’t have any discs to test it with, but SlySoft is claiming that the latest rev of AnyDVD HD can disable detection in all of the retail Blu-ray players. If someone has a recomended disc to check […]

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