Review of Belkin’s DyleTV iPad Receiver for OTA TV Watching

I had the unique opportunity of working on this project for a while, and let me tell you it was not easy! A lot of big companies had to work together to make this happen, so I’m happy to see it finally be released. It’s obviously a very specifically targeted product, and hopefully time will make it where there are more than just a few channels spattered around. 

These drawbacks don’t render the Dyle Wireless Mobile TV Receiver completely useless, it just makes it a very niche product. We can see buying this if you have an older iPad you want to keep useful or for emergencies. If power goes out and you can’t connect to the Internet via mobile broadband, the receiver will still work as long as your iOS device is charged and you can still get emergency information from local news. Otherwise, this accessory has a pretty limited use. If Dyle expands its coverage and starts showing more channels the value proposition may go up.

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