DirecTV Streaming Live TV to iPad


We’ve mentioned DirectTV’s recently launched Nomad device before that allows DirecTV subscribers to take their DVR recordings on the road. The downside to the Nomad was that you could only load up your mobile device on your home network. DirecTV has updated their iPad app with support for live TV streaming, but like Nomad transfers, it only works from your home network. However, if you are a DirecTV subscriber and own an iPad it is definitely a nice addition to the controls that app already provided and a perfect excuse to bring the MythBusters to bed with you. Or something like that.

DirecTV debuted its iPad app in February with an impressive suite of remote control and content browsing options, but one of the few missing features was the ability to watch TV on it, which has now been added. Like similar apps from Cablevision and Time Warner Cable, v1.3.1 adds the ability to watch 38 channels live on the tablet, provided you’re connected to the same home network as your DirecTV Plus HD DVR.


  • The Nomad only stores 20
    The Nomad only stores 20 hours of recording time which is not a lot plus you don’t get live TV. The Sling adapter does not down load programming but instead it transfers programming from your satellite and DVR recording from your receiver that takes no time at all so no waiting time. All the programming you are subscribed to at home you will get on you mobile device which works on more devices than the Nomad. Working for DISH Network I can tell you that the Sling adapter cost $99 which is $50 less than the Nomad plus new customers can get the adapter free!