DirecTV Genie whole-home DVR review

We heard lots of buzz surrounding the Hopper whole home DVR service from Dish since CES, but DirecTV doesn’t want to be left out of the party. While pricing and availability is still being worked out, it’s nice to see some pretty significant benefits to the system over traditional and older DirecTV systems. Read on for Ben’s opinions of his […]

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NFL Sunday Ticket Returns to the PlayStation 3

NFL SUnday Ticket.jpg

If you love NFL football and have an extra $300 lying around, then Sony has an app for you. The NFL Sunday Ticket service provides access to just about every out-of-market NFL game and is usually an exclusive to DirecTV’s satellite subscription service. NFL fans on DirecTV are all set, but for everyone else, there is the PlayStation 3 NFL […]

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DirecTV Enables HDCP for Premium Channels


  I don’t know why, but I honestly was not expecting this to happen so soon.  Premium content providers like HBO, Starz, and Showtime are requiring DirecTV to enable HDCP on their HD signals.  This seems to have already taken place for HBO and DirecTV states that they will continue rolling this out for the rest of their premium channels.  […]

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DirecTV HD DVRs Receive Pandora Internet Radio

DirecTV Pandora

It wasn’t that long ago that the big news surrounding DirecTV’s HD DVRs was the deployment of an updated HD UI. Now, DirecTV is adding features to take their DVRs beyond simply watching and recording TV. Internet connected DirecTV HD DVRs can now be used to stream Pandora Internet Radio. Pandora is integrated into the device’s “Extras” menu and provides […]

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AT&T and DirecTV Hooking Up Until 2015

DirecTV did a pretty good job of picking up subscribers in Q3. If their Q4 doesn’t go as well, they won’t have AT&T to blame. AT&T gets a lot of attention for their fiber optic U-Verse television service, but U-Verse has had a fairly limited roll-out at this point. Where AT&T lacks U-Verse to bundle in with their telephony and data services, […]

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DirecTV Gains 327,000 Subscribers in Q3

  In early August DirecTV announced that they had added only 26,000 US subscribers in Q2, their lowest number of new subscribers ever. This announcement came on the heels of falling subscriber numbers for several major cable companies, which combined to give rise to some breathless stories about the growing threat of cord cutters and web video to subscription television services. Fast forward […]

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