DirecTV Adds TruTV HD Just in Time for March Madness

TruTV HD Basketball

TruTV HD, the reality TV focused spawn of the ill-fated Court TV, signed a deal last year that split the NCAA Championship Tournament with CBS. As a part of the deal, TruTV HD gets to air the games for the first couple of rounds, with coverage switching back to CBS once the action hits the Elite 8 round. As a result of TruTV HD’s March Madness score, providers that were not already carrying the network rushed to do so. Evidently, DirecTV was one such provider, except the satellite service provider only kept the network long enough to finish out the basketball season. Now DirecTV has taken to Facebook to let March Madness fans know that they should get their brackets ready beacuse TruTV HD will be back in time for the games again this year, and this time it sounds like the arrangement will be a little more permanent.

Last year, DirecTV temporarily added TruTV HD to its lineup just during March Madness so its fans could catch all of the games, and it’s bringing Turner-owned network back again this year. This time however, the satellite company has promised on Facebook (if a relationship is Facebook official, you know it’s real) it’s sticking around this time.

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