NFL Sunday Ticket Returns to the PlayStation 3

NFL SUnday Ticket.jpg

If you love NFL football and have an extra $300 lying around, then Sony has an app for you. The NFL Sunday Ticket service provides access to just about every out-of-market NFL game and is usually an exclusive to DirecTV’s satellite subscription service. NFL fans on DirecTV are all set, but for everyone else, there is the PlayStation 3 NFL Sunday Ticket app which provides the same access and coverage in a streaming format. Sony and DirecTV teamed up on this offering last year, but DirecTV has confirmed that it will be back again this year. Of course, it should be pointed out that DirecTV subscibers who have already shelled out $300 for the NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscription will have access to the PS3 app for free, I guess in case the satellite stops working.

The satellite provider announced earlier today that the well-known Sunday Ticket package will be returning to the PlayStation 3 on September 4th via a PS Store update, allowing current subscribers to stream full-HD games directly to Sony’s renowned console. As for those without any current attachments to DirecTV, however, there is an option out there — one which costs a familiar $300 per NFL season.