TiVo Stream Previewed


TiVo seems intent to do everything in its power to ensure that its customers never need to own more than one TiVo DVR at a time. First came word that TiVo’s extender-style box for multi-room DVR capabilties had been dubbed the TiVo Mini and would be due out by the end of the year. Now TiVo is drumming up interest […]

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Actiontec PWR500 – 500Mbps Powerline Network Adapter Kit


Powerline networking has a reputation for promising capable “hardwired” networking solutions, but historically often fell short when it came to delivery. Having tried a few iterations of the alternative-to-Ethernet over power wires in the past, in my personal experience this reputation has also proved well deserved. Of course with each new generation, the technology evolves and is therefore worth another […]

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Diamond Multimedia Releases the GC1000 PVR and GC500 PVR

Diamond Multimedia GC1000.png

Diamond Multimedia is evidently on a product release binge. Hot on the heels of the AMP1000 Android Media Player comes the GC1000 and GC500. The GC1000 and GC500 are high definition PVRs in the vein of the Hauppauge HD-PVR, a product that has sparked more than a few discussions around here. The two offerings appear to be largely identical except […]

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Hisense Pulse with Google TV Coming in November

Hisense Pulse.png

Vizio isn’t the only company looking to cash in on the second generation of Google TV. Hisense USA has revealed that they are working on the Hisense Pulse with Google TV. The Pulse is due out this November, and though the company is not being specific about pricing, they are stating that it will be under $99. Not only will […]

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MSI and Gigabyte Unveil New Mini-ITX Motherboards

Gigabyte H77N-WiFi.jpg

We are currently about halfway through the release cycle of the most recent Intel processor family. Ivy Bridge has now been with us for several months and we are still several months from the release of Haswell, Ivy Bridge’s successor. For processor afficionados, these might be the doldrums, but for anyone looking to go Mini-ITX for a new HTPC or […]

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Amazon Adds NBCUniversal Cable and New Media Distribution Content to Prime Instant Video

The Office is A-OK.jpg

Amazon has inked yet another content distribution deal for Prime Instant Video, this time for television programs distributed by NBCUniversal Cable and New Media Distribution. Amazon isn’t bragging quite as much as usual about the number of new episodes that the deal brings, but it does bring some relatively high profile series including Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, and Parks […]

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