ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5 – Refresh Rate Issues


We lauded ArcSoft when it added automatic refresh rate switching to a beta version of TotalMedia 5 as they moved us closer to the standalone player experience, and while the feature has been fleshed out significantly since then (it’s optional now) there’s one thing that they’ve never really gotten completely right with the implementation – the frequency selected for 24p […]

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Netflix Adds People Search to Xbox 360 App

Netflix Logo.jpg

One of the most interesting aspects of watching a streaming service provider like Netflix roll its apps out across the various Smart TV platforms and OTT boxes on the market is watching how different devices and platforms receive access to different features at different times. In fact, sometimes a feature rolls out to a new platform that I wasn’t even […]

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ZOTAC Announces ZBOX Nano AD12

ZOTAC ZBOX Nano AD12.png

ZOTAC has updated their ZBOX line of mini-PCs with the announcement of the ZBOX Nano AD12. The ZBOX Nano is not quite the smallest mini-PC in the ZBOX series, but it is close. The ZBOX Nano AD12 represents the AMD side of the Nano coin and replaces the ZBOX Nano AD10. Sporting an AMD E2-1800 APU, the AD12 has two […]

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Silverstone Sugo SG05 Mini-ITX Case Reviewed


This summer proved exciting for fans of the Mini-ITX form factor with a number of intriguing new cases including the BitFenix Prodigy and the Fractal Design Node 304 grabbing some time in the spotlight. I was also a bit taken with the new Cooler Master Elite 120 as it reminded me of a smaller version of my once-beloved Antec Aria. […]

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Diamond Multimedia Releases AMP1000 Android Media Player

DiamondMM AMP1000.jpg

There was a time when anyone interested in video cards or PC TV tuner cards knew of a little company called Diamond Multimedia. Diamond Multimedia is not exactly the same company they once were, but they still dabble in PC multimedia add-ons and related devices, including media streamers. Their newest media streamer is the Android Media Player or AMP100. The […]

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TiVo Mini to Bring Multi-Room TiVo to Life

TiVo Mini.png

Extenders are back in vogue. There have been a number of intriguing extender-based, multi-room streaming systems to talk about this year. DISH has their Hopper and Joey combo, and of course, many of us around here are eagerly anticipating the Ceton Q and Echo, but before the year is out we should also have TiVo’s version. TiVo first signaled their […]

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OnLive Restructures, Owed Tens of Millions to Creditors

OnLive Home Screen.jpg

One of the big stories to come out of E3 this year was the push made by Gaikai and OnLive to bring their streaming game services to Smart TV platforms and settop boxes. Indeed, OnLive has been particularly aggressive, appearing on Google TV-powered devices such as the Vizio Co-Star. The push to bring streaming games to connected devices took a […]

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Check it out: Hulu got a slick new website

Looks like Hulu has completed a facelift of their site, designed for streaming television shows to your computer. In addition to TV shows, the facelift also covers their ever growing collection of movies in their library, and your ability to search and find them. The new site is pretty slick, and you can take a look now at Hulu […]

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Giada D2305 Mini PC Review

Giada has been building their reputation for smaller form factor PC’s for a while now, and the style looks like it would fit very discreetly in one’s home or bedroom theater. This particular one utilizes Intel’s Core i5/i7 processors but NVidia graphics, which looks like it provides a good combination. Mini PC systems are great, especially for media or web […]

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