Ceton’s Media Center Companion apps for mobiles hit RC status, add new features

For those of you who had signed up for the Ceton Companion beta a while ago, you probably have been enjoying it as much as I have. We’ve seen numerous WMC remote software over the years, but I’ve been truly impressed with what the crew at Ceton have done in such a relative short time. The app is now in RC, meaning it’s almost time for the masses! Click on over to EngadgetHD for a video.

Fans of Windows Media Center will have a new remote control option soon, as Ceton has pushed out some release candidates of its mobile device Companion apps. Beta testers should be seeing some new features including an updated program guide with infinite scrolling, plus universal search through the guide, movies, recorded TV, TV series and channels, as well as series recording management and overall speed improvements. Currently only the Windows Phone and iOS clients are considered at RC level with the Android version not quite there and lacking the guide search feature. Those in the test group can hit the source links to make sure they’ve got the latest versions of the apps and services for their HTPC, while those of us on the outside looking in can get a quick preview from the demo video embedded after the break and pics in the gallery.


  • No Android, no dice.

    No Android, no dice.

    • Android, iOS and Windows

      Android, iOS and Windows Phone are all supported. Each has been tailored to their specific platform.

  • I’m looking forward to the

    I’m looking forward to the full release.  I think this will update the MC experience quite nicely.