NFL Sunday Ticket Returns to the PlayStation 3

NFL SUnday Ticket.jpg

If you love NFL football and have an extra $300 lying around, then Sony has an app for you. The NFL Sunday Ticket service provides access to just about every out-of-market NFL game and is usually an exclusive to DirecTV’s satellite subscription service. NFL fans on DirecTV are all set, but for everyone else, there is the PlayStation 3 NFL […]

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Superbowl Available for Online Streaming

Well at the super bowl this season the NFL will finally make its first steps into the 21st century and for the first time in its history the Super Bowl will be available to stream online. NBC will use the same silver light streaming engine that it currently uses to stream Sunday night football night games and while it won’t require […]

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NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3

For all of you CableCard users that are NFL addicts, check this link out. Apparently you can subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket (without switching to DirectTV) on your PS3. I was excited until I saw the price. With NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ you can experience every out of market game each Sunday and you also get the RED ZONE CHANNEL®. […]

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