Superbowl Available for Online Streaming

Well at the super bowl this season the NFL will finally make its first steps into the 21st century and for the first time in its history the Super Bowl will be available to stream online. NBC will use the same silver light streaming engine that it currently uses to stream Sunday night football night games and while it won’t require any authentication to prove that you subscribe to a cable service, access will be restricted to only customers located in the US. Oddly enough the stream will feature different ads from those on the live feed and will allow viewers to rewind review all the ads / football action that they desire:

Interestingly enough, the online stream of the Super Bowl will have its own set of ads run against it, which will be different from those shown on the TV broadcast. But since NBC knows that the groundbreaking ads brands pay big money for are a big draw for much of its audience, it’ll make those ads available on one feed of the online broadcast as well. And since it has DVR functionality, viewers will be able to back up and watch them over again, just like they would with a DVR


So how many of you will watch the super bowl via the online stream on your HTPC’s as opposed to tuning into the live feed?

Sources: Engadget HD 

  • I might, just to test it out.

    I might, just to test it out.

  • Yeah I will probably have the

    Yeah I will probably have the live feed on my TV and then stream it over my laptop at the same time. Just to see how well it works.

  • Last year, I actually

    Last year, I actually streamed it myself on my local network during my Superbowl party so I could have a laptop showing the game in the bathroom.    So this year, I’ll be able to put it on every screen in the house!

    I’m assuming NBC’s iPad and Kindle streaming apps will support it.