Faux K (I love that name)

It’s possible that I’m just posting this link because I love the name “Faux K” (who doesn’t like a good pun?) to describe those fake 4K projectors that have been cropping up lately. Everytime I see one, I get interested (mostly because they are cheap, for what they’re claiming), only to be disappointed by the spec sheet. Understandably Sony, who […]

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Sony Vue OTT Live TV streaming released nationwide

I’m not sure you can really call a $30/month (baseline) TV package “cord cutting”. Since you’ve just switched your cable provider from a QAM to IP service. C-NET has a lot of detail, including that locals aren’t included in many markets (really?). Looks interesting, but I’m not convinced unless the “Cloud DVR” really offers full DVR features, and the pricing […]

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Playstation 4 3D Blu-ray Update Now Available

Having picked up a Sony Playstation 4 recently, I was a bit disappointed to find that while it wouldn’t play 3D Blu-ray (something the PS3 could do). Sony fixed that issue, along with adding some enhancements to general disc playback. I had a chance to check it out briefly (updated and threw in The Lego Movie while heating up lunch) […]

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Sony @ CES 2013


Sony had many products on display at their booth, but each time I stopped by to take a look I got lost in the beautiful 4K displays. Which was OK in my book for two reasons: 4K is gorgeous, anyone who doesn’t get it is blind or wants to have a small TV and second Sony’s booth was all about […]

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Sony Press Conference


Oddly enough the Sony PR event was the best of the day. They definitely had the best TVs (although not the largest) to show off; announcing a 55″ and 65″ 4K display at “more affordable pricing” and showing of a [smallish] 56″ 4K OLED TV prototype. With so much focus on 4K, it was also great to see that they […]

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Sony Sticking to 4K


Last week, the Consumer Electronics Association announced its plan to label the next generation of high definiton televisions as Ultra HD, along with some baseline specifications to qualify for the label. Sony, for one, isn’t planning on toeing the line. Sony has announced that they plan to continue using the 4K moniker by labeling their future products as 4K UHD. […]

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