Faux K (I love that name)

It’s possible that I’m just posting this link because I love the name “Faux K” (who doesn’t like a good pun?) to describe those fake 4K projectors that have been cropping up lately. Everytime I see one, I get interested (mostly because they are cheap, for what they’re claiming), only to be disappointed by the spec sheet. Understandably Sony, who has a real 4K solution want’s to set the record straight. Alas, maybe someday I’ll be able to afford one :).

 Sony, the leader in native 4K projectors for the home theater market – by far – is tired of people calling the new Texas Instruments “4K chip” a “4K chip.”

“Full 4K is 8 million pixels,” says Andre Floyd, Sony product marketing manager for home theater projectors. “The TI imager only has 4 million pixels.”

Sony today really is the only manufacturer of consumer-oriented projectors with native 4K resolution because the company owns the 8-megapixel SXRD imaging technology that makes them tick. It’s the same technology that drives Sony projectors in tens of thousands of movie theaters.