Ceton Dishes on WP7 Mobile Companion for Q


I was impressed with the Q and associated companion applications when Ceton showed them off at CES, but there was a lot that we didn’t see given the time constraints and completeness of the mobile experience. Fortunately for us (who doesn’t like a nice teaser :)), Ceton has flushed out more detail around what they will deliver for Windows Phone […]

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IP-RC6 : IP or UPnP based HTPC Control


I couldn’t sleep the other day so I finally got around to building the IP based remote application for HTPCs that’s been rattling around my head for the past few months. In its default form IP-RC6 acts as an IP based remote that listens on a configurable port but it also supports UPnP for broader controller support. The application attempts […]

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Plex Roku Channel Available Officially

Plex for Roku

Plex has offered a private channel for the Roku family of streamers for quite awhile, but the Plex team has announced that the official Plex Roku Channel in finally available in the Roku Channel Store. It’s not just a change in status either. Roku for Plex has also been updated with a number of new features. The new version includes […]

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XBMC 11.0 Eden is Now Available

XBMC 11.0 Eden

It took a few beta releases, but XBMC 11.0, codenamed Eden, was released over the weekend. There are a whole lot of changes in the new version of the venerable HTPC software including an updated default skin, AirPlay support, support for rollbacks of add-ons, and a ton of performance optimizations. Hardware support has also improved as Eden will mark the […]

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Onkyo Exposes More 2012 AVRs


Last month Onkyo announced four audio video receivers (AVR); while the video features were interesting none offered advanced room correction. Today we received word that the specifications for two more mid-range AVR are now available (the actual devices will show up in May), with the TX-NR818’s MultEQ XT32 addressing that gap. We’ll have to see where the reviews end up, […]

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Marchon3D EX3D Eyewear


When we stopped by the Marchon3D EX3D booth at CES I have to admit that my reaction was more skeptical than enthusiastic. Sure, their passive 3D eyewear worked, and at $35 a pair was not terrible, but it seemed like a hard sell to the theater-going crowd where the glasses have to compete with “free”. Now that I have had […]

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Digiboo Launches, Taking on Redbox with Flash Drives


Redbox knocks out one kiosk rental competitor and another one springs up in it’s place. The Morgan Freeman-backed Digiboo movie rental service has launched with kiosks in a handful of airports. Digiboo plans to expand to 7000 kiosks over the next three years, though presumably not just at airports. The basic concept may be similar to Redbox, but there are some fundamental […]

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