IP-RC6 : IP or UPnP based HTPC Control


I couldn’t sleep the other day so I finally got around to building the IP based remote application for HTPCs that’s been rattling around my head for the past few months.

In its default form IP-RC6 acts as an IP based remote that listens on a configurable port but it also supports UPnP for broader controller support. The application attempts to emulate the behavior of a standard Microsoft Windows Media Center Remote in general use scenarios. This includes support for all of the Media Center buttons and triple-tap as well as the full keyboard. Native application support also exists for SageTV’s messaging protocol and I may add other applications if enough interest exists.

– Initial release

x86 | x64

Enjoy 🙂

  • This looks awesome!  What

    This looks awesome!  What does it do exactly?  🙂

    Is this a client server kind of config, so you would have a client on a phone or something and then send these commands to the server?


    • Yep. The controller

      Yep. The controller application is a rough e.g. of both IP and UPnP methods of control (mostly to document the message format) with the expectation that other client controllers can be added in the future.

  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    This sounds pretty cool, but

    This sounds pretty cool, but maybe I’m more tired than I realized because I’m having difficulty understanding the scenario where this would be utilized.  What would this “replace” or supplement in my setup?  I have a Harmony 890 communicating to a USB-UIRT, whose commands are caught by EventGhost and sent to the appropriate application (TMT, SageTV, MediaMonkey, etc).

    • It probably won’t be useful

      It probably won’t be useful for you. The use case is more for smartphone/tablets and HA controllers.

  • The link to the x86 version

    The link to the x86 version is wrong, i think it should be http://babgvant.com/files/folders/random/entry21335.aspx

  • This makes me think about the

    This makes me think about the conversation we had at CES about controlling many items through IP based solutions.. Seeing this makes me excited about other items we were talking about..