Reference Home Theater Reviews Harmony Elite Universial Remote Control

Harmony has been pushing its control ecosystem beyond the home theater and into the more general home automation space recently, with the Elite topping the lineup. The $350 price tag is a bit hard to swallow vs. its ~$130 siblings (what I use), but there are a few advantages to stepping up.

 Earlier this year I reviewed the Harmony Companion (former Harmony Home Control) universal remote. For $130 it offers an easy way to control your AV system and some smart home features that doesn’t need direct line-of-sight. The new $350 Harmony Elite builds on this using the same hub but an improved remote with an LCD touch screen and recharging base. While it offers a better experience, for most people the $130 option probably works well enough.

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  • These remotes look super

    These remotes look super slick and have interesting features but the lack of number buttons is a non-starter for me.  I still open a guide and type some numbers to get up or down to the right place.  I would imagine you can use the display area to get numbers but there shoulld be real buttons.

    • I didn’t notice that the

      I didn’t notice that the number keys had gone missing. That’s a great point. We don’t use them much, but it would be limiting if they weren’t there.