Ceton Dishes on WP7 Mobile Companion for Q


I was impressed with the Q and associated companion applications when Ceton showed them off at CES, but there was a lot that we didn’t see given the time constraints and completeness of the mobile experience. Fortunately for us (who doesn’t like a nice teaser :)), Ceton has flushed out more detail around what they will deliver for Windows Phone 7 – and it’s clear that we have a lot to look forward to whenever the Q shows up.

At CES in January, when we first showed off the new Q companion apps for Windows Phone 7, we showcased a few main features. The most obvious was that we believe breaking the content into key segments like television, movies, music, etc. would be the most natural way for people to navigate the app. In addition, within each of these we really wanted to show live content, like what shows were recently added or which ones were coming up next. We got some great feedback at CES and have been working hard since then to flesh out more functionality and some new designs. So today we want to show you our latest revision to the WP7 companion apps home screen.


  • Wonder if they can leverage

    Wonder if they can leverage this for a conventional Media Center install on PC. I’d think they probably could, but might not have the incentive to.



    • It would probably cost too

      It would probably cost too much to support or at the very least be too expensive to be attractive to HTPC buyers. The Q mostly competes with TiVo or Moxi (RIP).

  • It’d be wonderful if (big if,

    It’d be wonderful if (big if, I imagine the technical difficulty behind it) this companion is available as an Android app.

    • I think they’re working on

      I think they’re working on companion apps for other platforms, IIRC iOS was definitely on the list.

      Given WP7’s market share it wouldn’t be smart to only have companion apps for it, but since it’s the easiest platform to develop for I’d guess it made sense to compile/POC UX concepts and implementation on it.

    • JamesMontemagno

      Yep don’t worry we are

      Yep don’t worry we are working on android and iOS as well. I am hoping to put up another blog post this week with either more WP7 or Android stuff.

  • way cool,

    way cool, 🙂

  • James is recent Church of

    James is recent Church of Jobs convert so iOS will get some love.

    (If you didn’t see the Twitter conversation that prompted that….he actually is far from it. I’m probably the most Mac-afied Ceton guy)

  • I was surprised there wasn’t

    I was surprised there wasn’t already an app like this when I got my WP7 phone.  This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  Hopefully it won’t be too expensive. 


    • That would require that:1) MS

      That would require that:

      1) MS gave a crap about Media Center

      2) Different groups at MS coordinate

      From what I understand, neither is true 🙂