Plex adds DVR feature

If you’re rocking a Plex Pass you can have a play with their new DVR feature. It also requires a supported Silicon Dust HDHR tuner, so if you have one of those you’re ready to roll. Awesome!

Well, that is, unless you’re Plex server is sitting on an NVIDIA Shield Android TV. That’s unsupported at this time :(.

As a BETA, there are a few other caveats (e.g. Copy-Once no-go). So make sure to check out the full release and forum post.

We’re thrilled to announce that Plex now officially offers integrated support for recording both over-the-air and cable broadcasts using HDHomeRun devices from our DVR launch partner, SiliconDust.* Available today as a beta release on our forums for our Plex Pass subscribers, rest assured this will be available as an automatic update for Plex Pass users before long.

With Plex DVR, you can cut the cord and take charge of your entertainment destiny. These glorious HD streams were meant to be free! So join the revolution, ride the wave, surf it, join our cause… Whatever you want to call it, it’s time to take the power back and create your own tailor-made media experience.



  • I have been testing the Plex

    I have been testing the Plex DVR on my 1U Windows 7 server.
    The guide takes a bit to get used to and I would like an option for the traditional grid. 

  • Moved my HD Homerun Prime

    Moved my HD Homerun Prime into my half server rack.
    So that it is connected to my main switch without any other hops on the network.
    ZyXEL GS1100-24 10/100/1000Mbps 24-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch

    I’m doing som test recordings from the HD Homerun Prime
    to my 1U Windows 7 64 server running the second beta tonight.


  • They added DVR for the Nvidia

    They added DVR for the Nvidia Shield TV with the latest build.