OmarKnows Circle

I found out about Circle a few days ago and was very curious about how it works, because frankly it sounded awesome and scary at the same time. Fortunately, Omar was able to help me out there (Arp Spoofing) as well as provide a nice testimonial around how it works for his family. As my kids approach their teenage years, I’m starting to think that simple parental controls and parenting might not be enough – so I’ve been looking for something like this. That said, I’d much rather it was built into the router instead of using a technique that can be circumvented by a reasonably sophisticated user once they know it’s there. But, I guess that’s where Circle’s MDM (shudder) product comes in.

Every once and a while you encounter a device that delivers on the “plug and play” promise. Circle is a parental control device that requires no changes to your network. You plug it in to power, ethernet and install a mobile app and you are on your way to protecting your children and gaining insight into their device usage.