SiliconDust Annouces Kickstarter Campaign for HDHomeRun DVR

I have to admit to being struck a bit speechless by the scope of the HDHomeRun DVR project here are some highlights, but frankly there’s so much awesome that it’s probably best to check out the Kickstarter page for the full scoop.

  • Will supprot projected CableCARD content
  • Backends for Windows, Mac, Linux, WD MyCloud NAS, & QNAP NAS
  • Clients for Windows, Mac, & Android
  • Potential clients for Kodi & iOS
  • US, Canada, UK, & Australia regions supported
  • Update: Plex Support, Direct DVR playing, Live TV Channel Support



I got a chance to ask SD about the time frames for the project:

Target is Fall / Holiday release for  US / CA / UK / AU  with European  regional EPG roll outs after that  (not the  HDHR4-2DT level for DVB-T and T2 customers)
if stretch goal are met then we will continue to develop on iOS and Kodi  and work with other desired devices…

UPDATE 5/18:

Less than 2 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, so help them out if you haven’t yet checked out the plan!

UPDATE 5/19:

They passed the PLEX flex goal, and we will not see Live TV and DVR connection right in PLEX for all the platforms. They are working with PLEX to make this happen faster. Stay tuned, we are getting a release calendar from SiliconDust to help with any confusion. -Kyle


SiliconDust is working directly with Plex for playback support for DVR content in the native application, Live TV in a Plex Channel, and Scheduling of Recording right inside Plex.

Release calendar:

First Beta for software in June, Plex playback soon after first release, full Plex Channel in July. Shooting for early fall for Official Release.

  • Interesting and I hope that

    Interesting and I hope that they pull it off, but I just can’t go back to three tuners.  Any work on weather or not they have offically abandoned those tuners that they announced at CES two years ago?  Thanks!

  • Last we heard about the 6

    Last we heard about the 6 tuner is they had issues with the chip maker, they were working with a new one, we are hoping that means it isn’t dead. But you can use two of these for 6 tuners now..

    • thanks, kyle.  I thought

      thanks, kyle.  I thought about that, but we get charged an outlet fee for the second cc.  Not a huge deal, but something that I’d like to avoid.

  • Yes would be nice to see a

    Yes would be nice to see a six tuner version.
    The thing I would love to see is Xbox 360 or Xbox one intergration.
    I still have two Xbox 360’s tuning into a 1U server running media Center,
    that is using a HDHomerun Prime for tuning. 

  • captain_video

    I’m also hoping for a

    I’m also hoping for a six-tuner version.  I currently use a Ceton InfiniTV6 in my primary HTPC in conjunction with three HDHR Connects.  I also have a HDHR Prime that gets shared with three satellite SFF HTPCs.  I’d like to be able to go with an all SiliconDust setup so I could convert to the HDHR DVR software across the board and ditch WMC.  Microsoft could pull the guide data rug out from under us at a moment’s notice and I’d like to prepared when that happens.  Using the HDHR DVR with Kodi would be the perfect all-in-one solution for me.  The way things are going, it looks like they won’t have too much trouble hitting the $150k stretch goal to get it working in Kodi.  The $250k goal may literally be a stretch for those looking for Roku support, but nothing’s impossible.  A real bonus would be if they can develop an add-on for unRAID so I wouldn’t have to invest in a standalone NAS for recordings.

  • This just got real

    This just got real interesting.  I’m guessing that sometime during the wee hours the Kickstarter campaign surpassed the 250K threshold and is still climing with three more days to go.  I wonder what happens with the extra funds beyond the current stretch goals?  Does this mean they’ll look into adding even more features?

    In any case, I’m stoked that it will have Kodi support, although I’m not sure what the schedule is for the stretch goal features.