Nuvyyo Tablo OTA DVR Reviewed @ HTR

We haven’t paid for cable in a few years, but it would be hard to go without access to OTA TV. Personally, I’ve been using the SiliconDust DVR but obviously that’s not for everyone. If you’ve been looking for an OTA DVR, might want to check out this review.

Services like Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV NOW can deliver live TV at more reasonable prices than the cable/satellite companies, but the one drawback to these online TV packages is that local channels are usually only available in select markets, if at all. The truth is, if you want to cut the cord but retain access to all the broadcast channels in your area, over-the-air is still the best option … provided you live in a place where you can tune in the signal with some measure of reliability.

Of course, watching over-the-air TV channels does have its own downside–namely, you can’t pause, rewind, skip commercials, and record your favorite shows. That’s where the over-the-air DVR comes into play. Yes, the over-the-air DVR is alive and well. Tivo is probably still the most recognizable name in standalone DVRs, but they certainly aren’t the only player in what has grown into a competitive and innovative category.

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