Need an indoor OTA antenna? The Wirecutter does best off…

Outside or in the attic is best, but sometimes it’s just not possible to mount a big [ugly] antenna and run the necessary cables. This is where you have to fall back on the indoor variety, and a guide like The Wirecutter’s is so useful.

 After spending more than 20 hours attaching many antennas to multiple TVs in two different testing locations (one suburban and one urban), watching way too much daytime programming, and compiling objective data from a signal strength meter, we think the Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse is the indoor HD antenna with the best combination of features for most users. It matched or outperformed larger models in pulling in TV signals, required less (basically zero) assembly, and was easy to hide. The omnidirectional antenna includes an attached 12-foot coaxial cable and sticks to your wall without any hardware or tape, making finding the right mounting location simpler than with the other antennas we tested.

The Wirecutter