The Wirecutter does “Best Budget Subwoofer”

I love a good sub. It’s an essential part of the movie, and many times, music experience. Naturally, not everyone’s budget can strech to accomodate something that costs several hundred $ – which is where this “best of” list comes in. With an entry at $110, it’s probably time if you don’t already have some thump in your HT room.

If anyone asked me what’s the best affordable way to add bass to a small stereo, home theater, or computer sound system, I’d tell them to buy a Monoprice 9723 subwoofer. The 9723 emerged as the clear favorite after 20 hours of testing by our Southern California panel of audio experts, including extensive blind comparisons with 10 other subwoofers priced below $300. Priced at just a little over $100 plus shipping at the time of writing, the Monoprice 9723 is also an incredible bargain. It delivers powerful, well-defined bass notes that can shake your couch a little and help make movies and music sound more satisfying and realistic. Put on a Kanye West recording and you’ll feel much of that colossal thump you hear with a high-end, custom-installed sound system. Put on a Diana Krall CD and you’ll clearly hear the subtle growl and groove of her band’s big double bass.

The Wirecutter



  • It is pretty amazing at what

    It is pretty amazing at what you can get for $100-200, and while I am a little disappointed Dayton/partsexpress didn’t also offer up the SUB-1200 for comparison, I can’t argue with their recommendation.


    For me, however, $200 was still within budget and when it comes to pushing air at low frequencies there is no substitute for size. 5dB at 25/20Hz is noticeable. I went with the SUB-1500.