Longest DD-WRT writeup ever…

This has to be the most approachable, and longest, guide to setting up DD-WRT ever. There’s even an eBook available if you can’t dedicate the time in one browsing session.

Well, it turns out that stock routers are limited, and getting the best setup and performance out of them can be very difficult. Custom firmware, such as DD-WRT makes the process easier, and provides you with a lot of additional options as well; thereby turning a standard $100 router into a super router that is suitable for any home or office.

With this DD-WRT guide you’ll be increasing your wireless range, data transfer rates, creating NAS solutions and so much more in no-time at all. Some of these, you can even implement without having DD-WRT.

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  • This can’t come at a better

    This can’t come at a better time. I’m a long time DD-WRT user, since its initial release, on my WRT-54G, and now I’m wondering what router to upgrade to that supports it. Hopefully this article provides some suggestions. Any are welcome if you have some.

    • I’ve been thinking about

      I’ve been thinking about doing a DD-WRT on PC hardware to see how well it works. If I go this way, I haven’t decided what to do about Wi-Fi. Probably end up using a high-quality 802.11AC router in AP mode.