Emby Android TV / Fire TV Apps updated

The biggest change looks to be improved support for multi-channel compressed audio CODECs like DD & DTS, but there are quite a few fixes and improvements listed in the update.


The latest version of the Android TV and Fire TV Apps include several improvements centered around audio playback and stability. The highlights are:

  • Framework Updates – The Android TV framework elements have been updated to incorporate bug-fixes from Google that should improve stability when moving around the interface quickly.
  • Video Player Improvements
    • ​Android TV:
      • Bitstreaming of DD and DTS in most instances (some older hardware configurations involving things like optical connections still are not completely worked out)
      • Faster playback startup and seeking when direct playing
      • Better player stability
    • Fire TV:
      • Bitstreaming of DD in most instances
      • Option to transcode DTS to DD to get full 5.1 surround for those items as well. The transcoding will only have to convert the audio if everything else about the item is direct stream-able.