New NVIDIA Shield TV announced, will have Amazon Video

One of my only complaints about the first gen NVIDIA Shield TV was that Amazon Video wasn’t natively available. It looks like that will end soon, at least for the upcoming Gen2. Wasn’t about to find a clear answer on whether it will come to the first one (please!).

UPDATE: Amazon Video will come to 1st gen Shield TV. Thanks @Starkenator!

 At their CES keynote, NVIDIA has just announced the next generation Shield TV streaming box running Android TV. Specific hardware specs were not revealed, but NVIDIA says it has three times the performance of any other streaming box on the market. The device’s biggest new features are support for 4K HDR, Amazon Video, and Google’s Voice Assistant.


  • I was considering a Nvidia

    I was considering a Nvidia Shield to access streaming content for my new Samsung 65″ 4K SUHD TV but decided to go with the new Roku Premiere+ instead.   Everything I read about the Shield lead me to believe that the video output was less than satisfactory.  It also cost over twice as much as the Roku, which does support Amazon, 4K, and HDR.

    In retrospect I’m not quite sure why I went with an external streaming device since the Samsung TV has streaming apps built-in.  I think it made sense to me at the time.  4K straming from Amazon on the new TV does look amazing.  I havn’t done a full calibration on it yet, but I found settings that were used by a reviewer for his evaluation and they look pretty good.

    As or Google’s Voice Assistant, I really don’t care much for any device I need to talk to in order to get the functions I want.  My Samsung TV came wth a voice activated remote, but I just programmed my Harmony One for the new TV and Roku and put the remotes away.  I just have a thing about talking to inanimate objects, I guess.  Didn’t they use to commit people for doing that in the past?

  • Maybe I’m missing it, but in

    Maybe I’m missing it, but in the specs for the new 16gb box I have seen no mention of including an IR receiver.  Did they get rid of this on the new box as well?  If so, not good for those of us with Logitech Harmony remotes looking to dive into the Shield.  I do not want to pay $100 more for the Pro just to get a stupid IR receiver.  Yes, they made it smaller, but they also did away with several features and left it the same price.  Not really an “upgrade” since the original box will also receive all the new features via software updates.