SVS @ CES 2019

I often wonder how vendors select demo material to show off their products. Some of them just don’t seem to understand, SVS does not fall into that category however. With a selection of content which always makes their kit look, er sound, great and usually puts a big grin on my face – they clearly get it (who doesn’t love the intro to Mad Max Fury Road). This year they were showcasing the new 3000 series subwoofers, so I got a chance to listen to/feel both the sealed (SB-3000) and ported (PB-3000) – awesome. Providing the speaker compliment to the subs, SVS had the not-yet-announced Pinnacle towers setup.

The five driver Pinnacle is expected to launch in early spring, slotting in between the existing Prime and Ultra models, but with a footprint more like the Prime and sound quality equal to (or perhaps better than) the Ultra. So something to look forward to!