Windows 10 Makes Us All Guinea Pigs

Windows 10 splash screen

If only that were a joke!  This Windows 10 article has my blood boiling for a number of reasons.  Microsoft stated Windows 10 would be their final operating system.  Then, they forced it down everyone’s throat with the enticement of a free operating system upgrade, unadulterated chicanery, plus the threat of pulling the free upgrade after a year, thereby making anyone […]

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Power to the people! Logitech Listens

Apparently all is not lost! Logitech has taken the opportunity to listen to its customers and realized that closing off local access for dubious “security reasons” effectively removed significant value from the Harmony Hub, and local control is a good thing. Perhaps there really were security concerns, I for one would love to get a detailed technical breakdown of what […]

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Why does Logitech hate home automation?

Home automation (HA) is a critical part of how we interact with the devices in our home. Whether that’s the lights, or the TV. When it comes to the TV, though the magic happens via our Logitech Harmony Hub ability to be controlled locally via HA-Bridge. It would appear that Logitech doesn’t like this however, and has removed the ability […]

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