WeaKnees Offering TiVo THR22 for DirecTV with Expanded Storage

THR22 TiVo for DirecTV

Once upon time there was a cable channel called TechTV devoted to geeks like me, and my favorite show on that ill-fated channel was The ScreenSavers. It was during an episode of The ScreenSavers that I first head of WeaKnees, a company devoted to selling upgrade kits for and upgraded versions of DVRs such as the ReplayTV and TiVo. It’s been several years since TechTV The ScreenSavers, and ReplayTV faded away, and not being a big follower of the TiVo scene, I had largely forgotten about WeaKnees so it was a pleasant surprise to learn that the company is not only still around, but that they are applying their storage expanding magic to the recently released TiVo THR22 for DirecTV. According to the WeaKnees blog they don’t have many more units than they need to fulfill their backorders, so if you are a DirecTV subscriber interested in getting a 2GB version of the THR22 to call your own and you don’t mind the $599 price tag, you had best hurry.

The only thing better than finally receiving the DVR you’ve waiting five years for is receiving one with four times the capacity as your provider wanted to give you. That is exactly what WeaKnees has done for years and exactly what it’s doing now with the latest DirecTiVo, now that the first shipment has been received.