S&P Downgrades Sony, TV Losses Largely to Blame

Sony Weighed Down

Kaz Hirai hasn’t even moved into his new office as CEO of Sony and already there is talk of pressure being applied to turn Sony’s flagging fortunes around after Standard and Poor’s cut the company’s long term debt rating from A- to BBB+. The ratings downgrade comes on the heels of a similar downgrade by Moody’s a few weeks ago and […]

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FireCore Releases aTV Flash (black) 1.3

aTV Flash 1.3 (black)

Those loving folks at FireCore have decided to jump the gun on Valentine’s Day and share a little early love by releasing version 1.3 of aTV Flash (black). The update includes the usual array of bug fixes and performance improvements. There are new features, including support for folder based organization and several new languages. The big new feature will be […]

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Boxee and the CEA Join Forces Against the Cable Companies

Mr. Boxee Goes to Washington

Under current regulations, cable companies are generally not allowed to encrypt their basic, analog channels. This allows the tuners built into TVs and devices such as the recently launched Boxee Live TV to receive the channels without a settop box. Cable companies can request a waiver from the FCC to switch to a fully digital and encrypted system, but to […]

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