J&W Announces New Cedar Trail Motherboards, Barebones


J&W’s MINIX line of mini-ITX motherboards have consistently targeted the higher end of the market with unique features and a focus on quality components. My first experience with their boards was the fantastic MINIX 780G-SP128MB, a mini-ITX gem that made its way into several HTPC and home server builds I assisted with. J&W looks set to continue the trend of quality […]

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AMD FM1 Socket Mini-ITX Motherboard Roundup

ASUS F1A75-I Deluxe

Intel may have been hogging the CPU limelight over the last few years, but AMD has been toiling away on its own processors and taking full advantage of their purchase of ATI several years ago to pump out competitive processors with superior graphics capabilities. Indeed, for a small form factor HTPC that will be completely dependent on its integrated graphics […]

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Meridian Invites Fans to Trade Up to the 800 Reference Series

Meridian Reference 818 Audio Core

Meridian recently released the 818 Reference Audio Core, their new integrated pre-amp and the most recent addition to the 800 Reference Series, rounding out the lineup of high-end audiophile gear. In celebration, Meridian is offering a trade up program allowing folks to trade up from a selection of previous generation CD players and controllers and apply the value toward the […]

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