Meridian Invites Fans to Trade Up to the 800 Reference Series

Meridian Reference 818 Audio Core

Meridian recently released the 818 Reference Audio Core, their new integrated pre-amp and the most recent addition to the 800 Reference Series, rounding out the lineup of high-end audiophile gear. In celebration, Meridian is offering a trade up program allowing folks to trade up from a selection of previous generation CD players and controllers and apply the value toward the purchase of a Reference 800 Series device. Perhaps a bit self-serving as far as celebrations go, but for Meridian fans, it might just be the deal you need to spring for an upgrade.

With immediate effect – and until the 31st May 2012 – customers can obtain a minimum trade-up value from an authorizedMeridian retailer on selected CD Players and Controller products against the purchase of a new 800 Reference Series product.

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