SIGMA DESIGNS SMP8910 Not Suspended


Given the positive conversation I had with SIGMA DESIGNS at CES I was a little surprised to see a rumor floating around that the SMP8910 had been suspended. If true, this would be a major setback for those waiting for Dune HD’s Pro media player so I fired off an email to find out. Fortunately, my contact at SIGMA was […]

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Kinect for Media Center Released

With the release of Kinect for Windows we are starting to see add-ins like Kinect for Media Center become official. Part of the thing about Kinect for Windows is that it includes the licensing needed for developers to create apps that can take advantage of the platform. While it is unfortunate that end users need to fork over additional money […]

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BitTorrent Gunning for Live TV with BitTorrent Live

Bram Cohen

BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen took to the stage at the SF MusicTech Summit on Monday to show off his P2P live streaming protocol, BitTorrent Live. The concept is simple. By using BitTorrent Live, any content provider can stream any live event via the Internet on the cheap with minimal latency. By shifting the distribution of the stream to the P2P […]

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Guide to Setting Up Plex Media Server

Plex Install

One of the best parts about running a Windows Home Server box is the versatility that comes with running a complete Windows OS. When Plex announced that they would be releasing a client app for the Nook Color, I knew it was time to roll up my sleeves and try installing Plex Media Server on my WHS 2011 box. I […]

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YouTube App for Google TV Updated

Google TV YouTube App

Google took to Facebook over the weekend to announce that they had a big announcement coming Monday for Google TV. Google didn’t quite make it to Monday before letting the cat out of the bag. Google is rolling out a new version of the YouTube app for Google TV. According to the Google TV blog the new app will be faster and […]

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