MythTV Frontend for Android released on Market

I noticed an interesting email on the MythTV-Users mailing list today.  Apparently someone (Fredrik) has released an Android app for the MythTV Frontend.  I have not tested this myself and likely won’t because I don’t have an Android device, but for those that do this could be useful for you.  The one big drawback that I see at the moment […]

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Blockbuster Streaming Service Reportedly Coming to Samsung Devices

Blockbuster and Samsung

Blockbuster caused quite a stir last September when rumors started swirling that the company would soon be launching a streaming service ala Netflix, but the end result was a decidedly more tepid offering limited to Dish Network subscribers. This wasn’t necessarily a huge surprise given that Dish Network spent a couple hundred million dollars buying up the former industry giant, but there […]

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Broadcast Television Making a Comeback?

Boxee recently caused a stir when it joined forces with the Consumer Electronics Association in petitioning the FCC to continue to force cable providers to offer unencrypted basic tier service, but perhaps the company should have been petitioning Congress not to approve the sale of TV spectrum. A recent report in the Wall Street Journal combines some Nielsen figures concerning […]

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Samsung Spins Off LCD Division, Doubles Down on OLED

Samsung LCD

Last week Samsung let slip that it was considering different ways to restructure is LCD division. Despite selling more flat-panel TVs than any other company in the world last year, their display business was responsible for more than $800M in losses, mostly due to price weakness in the LCD market. The LCD division will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung […]

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