DirecTV Streaming Live TV to iPad


We’ve mentioned DirectTV’s recently launched Nomad device before that allows DirecTV subscribers to take their DVR recordings on the road. The downside to the Nomad was that you could only load up your mobile device on your home network. DirecTV has updated their iPad app with support for live TV streaming, but like Nomad transfers, it only works from your […]

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DirecTV Doubles Down on HD


One company, two stories. DirecTV has been making waves in the land of HD over the last 24 hours. The first bit of news I found exciting, or at least I would if I were a DirecTV subscriber; the second bit of news I found perplexing. The exciting news for DirecTV subscribers is that DirecTV is finally adding AMD-HD to […]

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Hulu Bidders Have a Few Reservations


When I first heard that Hulu would entertain offers of a buyout, I thought there would not be a large market of potential buyers. Since Hulu is owned by major content providers, licensing TV shows was not much of a problem because profits would flow back to the content provider’s income statement.  However, if Comcast, Disney, Newscorp, etc. sold Hulu […]

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