3D BD/MKV support added to JRiver Media Center

It was really just a matter of time after madVR added 3D to its feature-set, and the time has come. With JRiver Media Center (unsurprisingly) being quick to add in official support. Fantastic news for fans of BD-Lite. Media Center 21 introduces support for natively playing 3D Blu-rays and 3D MKV files. This feature will be available in builds 65 […]

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JRiver Hires Hendrik Leppkes aka nevcairiel


In what has to be the most bizarre press release ever JRiver announced yesterday that it had hired Hendrik Leppkes, or as he is better known on the Interwebs “nevcairiel”, the author of the best DirectShow filter suite – LAV Filters. For those, like me, who have found JRiver Media Center (JMC) to be the best way to consume media […]

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JRiver Media Center Reviewed (in Miniature)


It has been awhile since we took a good long look at JRiver Media Center. Our own Andrew van Til spent some time with the Version 17 beta back in October and even in early form found a lot to like, but with the MC17 release now past and with all of the uncertainity surrounding the ultimate future of Windows […]

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