Running iOS Apps on Apple TV Demonstrated

Apple TV Launcher

When FireCore recently updated their Seas0nPass tool to support untethered jailbreaking, we noted that there was some indication in the community that work to allow the Apple TV to run iPad and iPhone apps was progressing. Evidently that was understating the situation as there is now a full-fledged hack to allow iOS apps to run on the Apple TV. Steve […]

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Netflix Set to “Air” it’s Original Programming Feb 6th

Netflix has slowly been acquiring exclusive content to stream via its online service which is to begin next month. On February 6th Netflix will make available its first original production, Lilyhammer. Netflix has also commissioned a new series called House of Cards, and a new season of Arrested Development.  While I don’t subscribe to Netflix myself (Lack of true HD quality, and 5.1 audio) this is a good sign of things […]

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Broadcom to Put Sling on a Chip

This morning the silicon chip manufacture Broadcom announced a joint venture with EcoStar the owners of SlingMedia to bring the SlingPlayer to embedded systems. The announcement means box manufactures will be able to embed the new chip into their set top boxes and get fully SlingPlayer functionality.  Some very interesting news there, hopefully we will be able to see something out of CES using this new […]

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Roku Announces Over the Top on Stick


If your display is more than a year old, you know what it’s like to have been left behind by the OEM’s Over the Top (OTT) platform. It’s not hard to fix that by putting a Roku or other OTT streamer next to the display, but in some places (like a slim wall mount, bedroom, etc.) it can be difficult […]

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I’m Getting a New (sort of) TV

While I already got my Christmas wish and have been loving my new Silverstone GD05B. What I really wanted, but just didn’t have the budget for, was a new and bigger TV as my 32 inch LG 32FZ4D-UA wasn’t really the ideal size.Well thanks to a failing color wheel and dimming light bulb my wish has come true. While visiting my in-laws […]

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TIVO and AT&T Settle Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Regardless of how you feel about the state of the patent system here in the US, the fact still remains that most of the time the parties who are the most susceptible to litigation for patent infringement are the same parties who hold the most patents in that particular field. In the most recent example of this truism AT&T and […]

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