Plex for Google TV Updated, Enhanced HTTP Live Streaming Coming Soon

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Plex for Google TV has received an update to improve stability and provide more information for content that might not work in Plex due to Google TV’s limited support for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). The issue that Plex for Google TV users have faced is that Google TV only supports HLS for formats that Google TV supports natively. Of course, the big advantage of Plex is its ability to transcode content. For now, the folks at Plex have updated their app to more clearly mark which content channels will not work on Google TV, but at the same time they have let slip that Google is in the process of adding enhanced HLS support to Google TV so that it will support transcoded streams. The announcement that Plex for Google TV will remain at its introductory $0.99 price for the foreseeable future is just icing on the cake.

YES – Google IS working on enhanced HLS in a future update for Google TV. We’ve done early tests with the enhanced HLS for the patch and are happy to report that indeed it works great with Plex! Now – we’re not allowed to say when this will hit the streets – but it is coming!

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