CES Hands On With Tivo Netflix and YouTube updates

At CES this week Tivo was demoing their updated interfaced for Netflix and YouTube online streaming services running on the Tivo Premier. The new interfaces include updated search functionality, the ability to add movies to your queue, and even included 5.1 audio.  Tivo was also demoing a new companion box, yet to be named, that when paired with the Tivo Premier […]

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Pulse-Eight – CES 2012


When Missing Remote reviewed the DH61AG, its unique HTPC_HEADER feature was highlighted as an incredible value-add that would require some extra hardware to completely enable its HDMI CEC capabilities. Thankfully, Pulse-Eight has developed and will be selling exactly that before long. The exact date and price is undisclosed at this time, but it should cost less than their existing external […]

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Plex Coming to Windows Phone 7


I should have realized when Plex came out for the Nook Color and Tablet that there was no device or app market too small for the folks at Plex to develop for. To drive that point home, Plex is also coming to Windows Phone 7. Our friends at Engadget had the opportunity to go hands-on with an early version of […]

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Gaikai Coming to LG Smart TV Platform


Smart TV platforms peddling games are not new at this point, but such games tend to be simple, casual affairs. Gaikai and LG are hoping to take things to the next level by offering Gaikai as part of LG’s Smart TV games portal. Gaikai streams games from the cloud, allowing LG’s Smart TVs to play powerful PC and console titles […]

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Qualcomm Announces Skifta Media Shifting Platform


Qualcomm released their Skifta app for Android devices a couple of months ago. The idea behind Skifta was to make accessing and controlling DLNA streaming devices easier for mainstream users. Now that the company has the software side of DLNA under control, Qualcomm is looking to expand Skifta’s reach to the hardware side with its Skifta Media Shifting Platform. Device […]

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Zotac Unveils New Zbox Lineup

Zotac Zbox

Zotac’s Zbox line of mini PCs have always been aimed square at the HTPC market and Zotac is making clear that they plan to continue to chase that market with their 2012 lineup. They have three 2nd-generation Zbox variants on tap this year, the ID80, ID81, and AD04. As in the past, the three Zbox models will come in a […]

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Panasonic and NBC Team Up for Olympics in 3D


NBC will be televising the London 2012 Olympic Games in 3D this year in partnership with Panasonic. The two companies announced at CES that NBC will be relying on Panasonic technologies to produce the 3D broadcasts which will be shown in the U.S. on next-day delay. It would seem that details are still being worked out as NBC is not […]

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The Simple.TV Aims to be the DVR for Every Device


We’ve seen a number of different whole home DVR systems at CES so far, but most of them are similar to the DISH Hopper with a central multi-tuner DVR that feeds live and recorded TV to smaller extender units. The Simple.TV is intended to provide a whole world DVR system, turning any device into an extender unit. The Simple.TV asks […]

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