LAV Filters Add Intel QuickSync Support

Until recently, proper support for hardware accelerated decoding on Intel GPUs has been missing from the Free Open Source Software (FOSS) community.  Eric Gur added the feature to ffdshow a few months ago, but for those who have transitioned to nevcairiel’s LAV Filters because of the greater stability offered by his codecs that didn’t offer a real solution to the […]

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Toshiba Announces 4K 3DTV for U.S. in Q1 2012

Toshiba 4K

If LG’s upcoming 84″ 4K TV is too big for your living room, then Toshiba wants you to know that they have you covered. Toshiba has announced that they are planning to bring a 55″ 4K 3DTV to the U.S. in the next few months. The 3D will run at a relatively measly 720p, but it will be autostereoscopic, so […]

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Americans Buying More TVs, More Often


The first time I heard about high definition television was in junior high when my social studies teacher showed a Nightline episode about the Japanese domination of the consumer electronics industry. It took about 15 years, but HDTVs eventually came to the U.S. The introduction of HDTV and the transition from NTSC to ATSC marked the biggest change in televisions […]

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Boxee Box Reviewed

Boxee Box

If you were one of the folks disappointed to hear that Boxee has hit the end of the road on PCs and thinking that maybe it’s time to consider moving to D-Link’s Boxee Box, then a fresh review might be in order. The Boxee 1.5 update is still in limited beta for the Boxee Box, but even in its current […]

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LOVEFiLM Stikes Deals with BBC Worldwide and ITV


Netflix recently announced it had made a deal to offer BBC Worldwide’s content when Netflix launches in the UK and Ireland. It was, however, a non-exclusive deal as LOVEFiLM has demonstrated by jumping in and cutting a deal of their own. Amazon announced today that their LOVEFiLM service has secured a deal similar to Netflix’s for access to the BBC’s […]

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