Tely Labs and Skype Partner Up for Living Room Video Calling with telyHD


It would seem that we have another entry in what has suddenly become a hot segment of the video conferencing market. In the last couple of months we have seen Biscotti and Warpia unveil video calling devices intended to take up residence next to your HDTV. Now we have Tely Labs, who has partnered directly with Skype, perhaps the biggest name in consumer VoIP services, for the telyHD. The telyHD looks like the Kinect’s fraternal twin and is packing some extra punch in the form of an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and Android. At this point the telyHD doesn’t offer much beyond Skype, but it sounds like Tely Labs has plans to expand the telyHD’s functionality with the help of some enterprising Android developers. I honestly don’t know what kind of apps I would want built into a webcam. Any ideas?

That gives it flexibility that most webcams just don’t have, and Tely Labs is already partnering with Android developers to try and find new uses for the telyHD. Given some of the remarkable things people have done with the Kinect, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the telyHD become a hacker favorite as well.

The Verge