Vizio Adds Skype and YouTube to Internet Apps

Vizio and Skype

Vizio’s Internet Apps smart TV platform added two new apps this week. The first was a new Skype app. To take advantage of the Skype app, Vizio is also selling the new V.I.A. TV Video Camera for $150. The TV Video Camera connects to a compatible V.I.A-enabled TV via USB and provides 720p video capability. The second new app is […]

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I Dub Thee, MicroSkype

Microsoft and Skype have finally exchanged vows in front of the world’s regulators. For $8.5 billion Microsoft has bought the right to integrate voice calling services into every product they sell and into every box that their software touches. No one should register surprise when a future Xbox Live update’s big news is the integration of Skype and we can […]

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