Hands-on with the Biscotti TV Phone

Biscotti Phone

We first heard about the Biscotti TV Phone a couple of weeks ago, but Biscotti was still keeping the home theater-friendly video calling device close to the chest. Well, as the holiday release approaches, we are starting to see more of the device. The Biscotti website has more details now and the folks over at Engadget even had a chance to get hands-on and share their impressions. Certainly the news that the Biscotti TV Phone will support Google Talk suggests that it might have a better shot at making it into more living rooms.

The idea is to stick this sliver of glossy black plastic on top of your TV and make video VoIP calls using its integrated HD webcam and 802.11n radio. Your counterpart is then displayed, super-sized, on your big screen. Around the back of the device are the three ports: HDMI in, HDMI out and power. 


  • Definitely interesting but

    Definitely interesting but IMO the $199 price tag is going to be the show stopper.