A.C.Ryan VEOLO Smart Android Hub

VELEO Screenshot

The A.C. Ryan VEOLO is an Android 2.2 based media streamer. It isn’t rocking the Realtek or Sigma Design chips that we usually see in these sort of devices, but rather a 1Ghz ARM Cortex-A9 processor. The VEOLO lacks HD audio support, but it looks like it covers the standard video formats reasonably well. While I appreciate the versatility of […]

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Zotac Announces D2700-ITX WiFi Supreme Motherboard

Zotac D2700-ITX WiFi Supreme

Zotac kicked off CES by showing some barebones HTPC love with the new Zbox lineup, but today Zotac gave some DIY HTPC love with the announcement of the D2700-ITX WiFi Supreme. Like most of Zotac’s mini-ITX motherboards, the diminutive board is packed to the gills with features and connectivity options. As you may have guessed from the name, the D2700-ITX […]

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On Live Streaming Games to Google TV

On Live Arena

The cloud gaming wars are on! Gaikai and On Live, the two biggest services in this fledgling market have only skirmished via web browsers so far, as only On Live has managed to put out a hardware device for dedicated access, but Gaikai’s announcement that it would be available on LG’s Smart TV platform opened a new, and exceedingly important, […]

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QNAP Announces New Turbo NAS Server Lineup, Updated Management Firmware


QNAP unveiled a number of new products at CES this week. QNAP launched a new lineup of Turbo NAS servers, along with a new VioStar NVR Surveillance System, V3.6 Management Firmware update, and the JB-1200U-RP expansion storage module for the recently announced TS-x79 SMB-class Turbo NAS. Admittedly, most of QNAP’s products are geared more toward business users. Most of us don’t really […]

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Synology DS212+ NAS Reviewed

Synology DS212+

The Synology DS212+ is a minor update to the DS212. The DS212+ drops the e-SATA port and bumps the processor up 400Mhz over its predecessor to an even 2Ghz, but adds USB 3.0 and brings along all of the PC backup, DLNA, and file sharing goodness. I would have appreciated a bit more information about the encryption engine and how it […]

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Lenovo K91 Android TV Hands-on

Lenovo K91

There have been a plethora of Google TV announcements at CES this year, but Lenovo decided to take a different tack with their SmartTV K91. They did go with a Google platform, but Lenovo decided to go with Android 4.0 instead, making the K91 the first Ice Cream Sandwich TV. Take away the 55 inch screen and the Lenovo K91 […]

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