Google TV switching to ARM Platform

While most won’t care, and some will even say why bother, Google TV is moving away from the x86 platform and migrating towards the ARM processing platform. As part of that move Marvell has been selected as the processor of choice with its Armada 1500 dual core processor as the new heart of the Google TV platform.  The Armada 1500 […]

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Microsoft Secures Patent for Game Console DVRs

Xbox Rabbit Ears

The inclusion of the Media Center Extender technology in the Xbox 360 has certainly been a boon for WMC fans and was an early indication that Microsoft had bigger plans for the Xbox 360 than just gaming. Unfortunately, the whole “your computer must be on, be running Windows Media Center, be properly configured to talk to your Xbox, and contain a […]

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Lian-Li PC-TU200 Mini-ITX Case Reviewed

Lian-Li PC-TU200

The Lian-Li PC-TU200 is getting another run around the block, this time by our friends over at ThinkComputers. The PC-TU200 may be a mini-ITX case, but seeing it in video gives some context to just how large the case is. There is no doubt that this is a slick looking case, but with space for 4 hard drives and a full-height […]

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Netflix Serves Over 2 Billion Hours of Content in Q4

Netflix will be providing their Q4 and annual financials soon, and investors are sure to be hoping that any big numbers are black rather than red, but in the meantime Netflix has been throwing around some other big numbers. The company recently announced that its 20 million customers streamed over 2 billion hours of content in the fourth quarter alone. […]

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Pioneer Releases new Elite Networked Audio Players


Looking for a new Networked audio player that gives you access to a large range of music formats from a vast variety of sources? Pioneer has release two new Elite brand of network audio players. They have access to your iTunes library, and AirPlay-enabled Apps like PANDORA®, iHeartRadio® and other music streaming services.  These devices will also play music and […]

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